Contra Mestre

From Ipatinga City Brazil, Jaba has been training Capoeira for over 20 years. C.M. Jabá started with a free community Capoeira program for kids available only to students 17 or under, training almost every single day and sometimes multiple times a day to attend rodas, presentations, and performances. After his 18th birthday, he kept up his daily Capoeira training regime attending as many Capoeira classes as possible, sometimes having to travel over an hour to the class.

After only 2 years of training, C.M. Jabá started to help his Capoeira instructors in teaching both Adult and Kids’ Capoeira classes, earning his official Instructor belt in 2004. In 2005, C.M. Jabá moved to Seattle, WA and continued his training under Mestre Curisco, who formed the school of Capoeira Malês. In 2009 he earned his Professor belt and Contra Mestre belt in 2014. In the past decade, C.M Jabá has initiated and inspired a countless number of students into the art of Capoeira and making his permanent mark in the world of Capoeira.

He continued to teach and participate in many Capoeira events, batizados and other cultural events, such as Brazil Fest, Folk Life Festival, even leading a Capoeira performance during a Seahawks halftime show in front of 66000 people.

C.M. Jabá teaches his students through discipline, humility, self-motivation, and fun, introducing Capoeira not only as a class but as a way of life. His dedication and passion for Capoeira is truly inspirational and crucial in building a close-knitted Capoeira community across the continent.